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As a grassroots organization, Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 strives to bring quality meetings and trainings to members and juvenile justice professionals throughout the state.


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October 29-30, 2015 Training Materials

Thank you to everyone who attended the Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 Training!  For those who are interested or were unable to attend, materials from each of the workshops are available below.

Presentation: An Overview of Forms, Dynamics, Scope and Challenges of Cases Involving Human Trafficking Victims in State Courts

Presentation: Issues for Courts in Cases Involving Juvenile Human Trafficking Victims Coerced into Criminal Behavior by Traffickers

Handout: Red Flags of Trafficking

Handout: Human Trafficking for Students

Presentation: The Courts and Human Trafficking

Handout: Strategies for Interviewing Victims

Handout: Comprehensive Human Trafficking Assessment

Handout: Identifying Victims

Presentation: Understanding Victims of Human Trafficking

Presentation: Juvenile Detention and Human Trafficking: Screening for Human Trafficking/Intake Best Practices




Trudy Gregorie
D/Sgt. Edward Price
Carmen Kucinich
Steve Weller
Miriam Goodman
Andy Soper

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