Why get the certificate or badge?

The Intercultural Communications Certificate and Badge are academic credentials that enhance your professional qualifications and dossier. The Certificate is available to any GVSU students and can be earned in addition to your major program requirements. The badge is open to anyone including currently enrolled students at GVSU as well as to professionals and interested community members residing anywhere around the globe.

Earning an ITC certificate or badge serves as an attraction for potential employers or graduate school programs. Alumni of this program have successful careers in Social Work, Allied Health Sciences, University and Student Affairs, Journalism, Non-Profit Organizations, and Environmental Justice. Additionally, students have received the credentials and then attended graduate school in Social Work, pre-law, pre-med, Higher Education and Student Affairs, and many more! 

The goals for the certificate and badge are compatible with the robust general education program that serves as the cornerstone of the GVSU curriculum. The ITC program builds on the existing general education program. It also bridges Study Abroad experiences with domestic intercultural immersion experiences through the intercultural practicum.

Who should complete the certificate or badge?


The program has been designed with every student in mind. There are three major components of the program which make it an ideal fit for any student:

  1. Degree-seeking students at GVSU can complete the certificate and still graduate within four years. 
  2. Anyone can complete the ITC badge in one year or less. Because it can be completed in a fully online format it is available to professionals located anywhere across the region, country, or the globe who wish to enhance or build their credentials. 
  3. These are credentials that many employers and graduate programs actively seek. The certificate is recognized on your University official transcript. The badge is granted digitally via Acclaim.
  4. Both the certificate and the badge are flexible programs, allowing to customize your studies to meet your professional goals, needs, and interests.
  5. You can complete the certificate and the badge through fully online, hybrid, or face-to-face classes. 


This program will equip you with the tools necessary to navigate in the diverse world we live and work in. Intercultural Communications is not a stagnant state of mind.

Page last modified January 26, 2021