Study Abroad

One of the primary elements of the Intercultural Communications Program is gaining experience! Through these experiences, students gain intentional, long-term experience in developing successful relationships in diverse communities, working with individuals and groups of cultures different from the student’s culture.

A semester study abroad program is one of the best ways that students may fulfill the practicum requirement through ITC. Students enrolled full-time in a semester-long study abroad program may “double dip” their practicum experience, as long as the following apply:

  • The Study Abroad program meets the goals for the ITC practicum, and the program has been approved by the Director of the ITC program
  • The participant applies, is accepted, and goes through the GVSU study abroad process, administered by the Padnos International Center (students must meet GPA requirements and relevant application deadlines).
  • Students participate fully in the online discussions and reflections for all ITC practicum students in that given semester (you will be discussing and reflecting, online, with GVSU students in other practicum experiences, in West Michigan, elsewhere in the US, and other locations around the world).

Study Abroad Program guidelines (for ITC Practicum)

  • The program must be 9 weeks or longer
  • Students must select a study abroad program that involves direct enrollment in an overseas university (i.e., one in which the courses are not designed for and filled with study abroad students from the US). Typically, these programs are any GVSU exchange partner university. Exception: programs in which you select the housing option with a host family, or the GVSU-EUSA internship programs in Paris or Madrid.
  • Students might also opt to use shorter-term study abroad programs—with approval—as ITC program electives courses

Year-long Study Abroad

Students participating in two or more study abroad semesters overseas may elect to complete the Practicum experience during the first semester abroad and then complete the Culminating Seminar requirement during a second semester abroad. This plan must also meet the criteria stated above, and requires approval by the Director of the ITC program.

Page last modified January 26, 2021