Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Complete the Certificate?

As our nations globalize, employers will find an appreciation for incoming professionals that are interculturally competent. Every profession requires a respect and understanding of other cultures, so the certificate can only benefit you. Not only will it provide professional advancement, it will help shape you into a more culturally inept individual that can comfortably communicate and interact with persons of other cultures.  

If I decide to do the certificate, how much time will it add to my overall time for completing my degree?

Since the certificate is only requires a few classes, it can be completed quite easily. You may have already completed some of the requirements as ITC encompasses GenEd and theme courses. If you would like to discuss your particular situation, please email the ITC Team and a time estimate can be configured for you.

Is ITC a minor?

No. The ITC program is a certificate program. It will be annotated on your official university transcripts.

Why do I need to submit an application?

The ITC program requires an application to accommodate students who desire to join the program. By submitting an application, we are able to make sure that the number of ITC courses are adequate for program participants. From the application, we will begin to build upon the journey through intercultural competence with you. 

When should I submit my application?

The application is available online, so you can submit your application anytime. It is recommended that you submit your application prior to enrollment in ITC 100. 

If you have a question that has not been answered on this page, please send us an email at ITC@gvsu.edu.

Page last modified July 25, 2018