Mission, Vision, and Goals

ITC Mission

It is the mission of this program to provide students with an opportunity to discover and build new knowledge of people within different groups. This includes: different cultures, languages, classes, genders, sexual orientations, sexual identities, races, abilities, ethnic backgrounds, religions, and other diversity groups of the United States and across the globe.

The mission also includes teaching students skills to respond respectfully and effectively to people in a manner that recognizes, affirms, and values the worth of individuals, families, and communities. We do this by combining theoretical understanding and practical tools gained through experiential learning.

ITC Vision

ITC is committed to the teaching and training of students, the university community, and the community at large, in understanding and respecting those who are different from one's self. ITC operates on the belief that by doing so students will become confident in their abilities to be informed, active citizens of the world.

ITC Goals

  • Enable students to develop multicultural competencies that will assist them in their future professional, civic, and personal endeavors
  • Increase the students’ diversity awareness including national and international perspectives
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop a portfolio of diversity experiences that could be shared with potential employers or graduate programs
  • Assist students in their ability to engage in a dialogue on issues of diversity, inclusiveness and multiculturalism
  • Guide students in creating self-definitions of diversity, inclusiveness, and multiculturalism
  • Provide opportunities for students to practice their diversity skills in multiple settings
  • Help students achieve consciousness of the "dynamics" inherent when cultures interact


Office and Contact Information

The Intercultural Competence Program is coordinated by Dr. Joel Wendland (associate professor of Liberal Studies) and is housed in the Department of Liberal Studies in Lake Ontario Hall on GVSU's Allendale Campus. To reach us, please call (616)331-8010 or email itc@gvsu.edu. During Winter Semester 2019, Dr. Andrea Riley-Mukavetz (assistant professor of Liberal Studies) will be serving as ITC coordinator while Dr. Wendland is on sabbatical.

Page last modified March 6, 2019