Streamlining IT services will improve satisfaction after continuous improvement process

December 13, 2022 (Volume 46, Number 8)
Article by Michele Coffill

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Participants in the Kaizen event are pictured, from left to right (back row) are Dan Barricklow, Kyle Palmer, DeMarcus Turnbough, Victor Klein, Tagny Diake; (middle row) Kristin Meyer, Greg Vedder, Rhonda LeMieux, Katherine Fay, Heather Hardy; (front row) Rory Webb, Colleen Cameron, Dana Lewis, Sammy McLaughlin, Kim Kenward, Justin Melick.

Following a continuous improvement process, Information Technology's ticket workflow will become more efficient, maximizing staff and student worker resources while improving performance of services.

The IT division, in collaboration with Human Resources, participated in a week of meetings with Victor Klein from Klein Consulting and campus colleagues to transform its services using Kaizen continuous improvement methodology. The Human Resources department underwent a similar process in the spring.

Emil Delgado, associate vice president for Information Technology, said IT services are among the most critical services offered by the university. "We knew this would be the most impactful transformation we can undertake for students, faculty and staff," he said. "Today, more than ever, service management drives our entire business."

Katherine Fay, director of IT's project management office, said by identifying and eliminating the gaps in IT services, the workflow process will become more efficient. 

"By improving operational efficiencies, increasing staff productivity, reducing risk and improving customer satisfaction, we can move the IT services process from functional to service excellence," Fay said.

A December 2 meeting revealed the transformative recommendations that included improving ticket flow by readjusting triage steps, improving student capability and productivity tools, identifying options for flexible surge capacity and developing rollout and audit plans.

Rhonda LeMieux, administrative assistant for Athletics, and Dana Lewis, administrative assistant to the dean, Seidman College of Business, were members of the core team. LeMieux said when the recommendations are fully implemented, customer satisfaction will improve and the stress on IT staff members will decrease.

The event was attended by President Philomena V. Mantella and several members of the Senior Leadership Team, showing support for the continuous improvement plan and how it aligns with the university's Reach Higher 2025 plan.


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