Culture Shock

Culture Shock: Culture shock is the cultural adjustment process students go through when arriving in a new country that is foreign to them. Some ways to minimize culture shock: 

  • Get involved with your studies 
  • Join student organizations 
  • Continue religious practices 
  • Make new friends Participate in PIC activities (Padnos International Center) 
  • Stay connected with family and friends through email, skype, facebook, etc. 
  • Live healthy (sleep, diet, exercise) 
  • Share your feelings with family and friends 
  • Share your feelings with counselors 

Helpful Resources: If you are having difficulty adjusting to life here at Grand Valley, the University Counseling Center is available. The University Counseling Center i s a free, confidential service for all students. Offices are located in Allendale, Grand Rapids and Holland. Both personal and career counseling are available. 

The Campus Recreation Center offers many different recreational activities for Grand Valley students. Their mission is to enhance the GVSU experience through co-curricular learning, development, and recreational opportunities that promote health and well-being. You must have your Grand Valley ID to enter as well as rent equipment.

Visit OrgSync, the Student Life website, to find and join over 300 different student organizations.

Reverse Culture Shock: Reverse culture shock is a repetition of the culture shock process that you initially experience during your arrival to the US. Feel free to explore this guide for coping with reverse culture shock.

Page last modified October 17, 2017