Arrival Information

Flight Information: 

As soon as you have purchased your flight to the Grand Rapids International Airport (GRR), submit your flight details here. Flight details must be sent at least 4 days before arrival to the United States.


Airport Pick-up: 

All students should fly to the Grand Rapids International Airport (GRR). Orientation leaders will be waiting at the baggage claim. There are only three baggage carrousels at this airport, so it will be easy to find. Please supply your flight information a minimum of four days before your flight. You will receive an emergency contact number that you can call if there are any emergencies throughout your travel time. We strongly suggest that you NOT attempt to take the train from the Chicago airport to Grand Rapids. Please book connecting flights that bring you to the Grand Rapids International Airport. Orientation leaders will take students to Meijer, a supermarket chain, where they will be able to purchase any food, clothing, bedding or household items they may need. They will then help students move in to their new dorms or apartments on campus. Orientation leaders will have students keys.

Hotels: If your flight arrives a day or so early, or later than midnight on the day of pick-up, there are a number of hotels near the Grand Rapids International Airport that you may find useful.

Traveling with Cash: 

Because federal law requires individuals entering the country with $10,000 or more in cash to go through a process of declaration, students should not bring this amount or more in cash. If you wish to bring your tuition payment with you, it may be brought in the form of a demand draft. For other payment option please visit Student Accounts.

Page last modified September 10, 2017