MSA Jummah Prayers

MSA Jummah Prayers

The Muslim congregational prayer, called Jummah, take place mid-day on Fridays. The Muslim Student Association (MSA) welcomes any GVSU community member to observe Jummah prayer. They take place at the Cook-Dewitt Center on the Allendale campus from 2-3pm. The room is set up with chairs along the perimeter of the room, from which prayers can be observed. The "sermon" called the Khutbah is primarily in English with a some obligator portions in Arabic. The prayers themselves take place in Arabic. Visitors are asked to dress modestly, remain quiet, and avoid standing or sitting in front of those who are praying. Prayers do not take up the full hour, so there is time to dialogue and ask questions after prayers. For more information and to let the MSA know you are coming, please contact Saif at 616-589-8882 or find them on Lakerlink Events.

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Page last modified February 20, 2023