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Giving to the Kaufman Institute

Kaufman Interfaith Institute (KII) is a recognized (Global/National/Local) leader in improving the critical need for Interfaith Understanding. Since its inception as a convener of Interfaith Dialogue for Abrahamic traditions, it has grown to serve people of all faiths, spiritual but no religion and those that have left their tradition but are eager to engage in Interfaith work and understanding. Because KII is intimately involved in impactful, meaningful work with such a broad variety of individuals (age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, abilities, etc.) we are uniquely poised to respond to urgent community issues and needs.


KII working through staff, volunteers and community partners serves more than 500 individuals working with more than 30 organizations annually. We directly engage with dozens of students (ages 13-21) through our programs both on-and-off campus. While we are housed at GVSU, with an endowment established by Sylvia Kaufman, our work since the early years has expanded exponentially. A contribution from you directly supports one of the 200 events and initiatives we produce annually.

Funds today are being raised for:

  • Kaufman's K-12 Programming
  • General Program Support (on and off campus activities)

Gifts of $100 or more will be recognized at the following levels:

  • Friend $100 - $499    
  • Supporter $500 - $999    
  • Partner $1,000 - $4,999    
  • Benefactor $5,000 or more

Friends, Supporters, Partners, and Benefactors of the Kaufman Institute receive advance notices of special receptions and events. Please consider this opportunity to help bring understanding and peace as we seek respect for all persons in our increasingly diverse communities. To learn more, please contact Kyle Kooyers, Associate Director - [email protected] / 616-331-5718

Thank you very much for your interest and consideration!


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I have supported Kaufman both financially and as a volunteer since its inception because, in this very polarized culture that seeks to divide, the work of the Institute provides forums for those of us who seek to broaden our community.

- Cary Fleischer


When donating, you have the option to contribute to either: 

Kaufman Interfaith Institute Program Fund


Sylvia and Richard Kaufman Interfaith Institute Endowment

We greatly appreciate your support!

Thank You To Our Current Donors!

Community and Corporate Partners

Jesse Bernal and Samuel Moore

Riley Jensen and Pamela Kidd

Sylvia Kaufman

Fred P. and Katharine Keller

Douglas and Barbara Kindschi

Frank and Sharon VanHaven


The Fetzer Institute

Gentex Corporation

Interfaith America

MillerKnoll Foundation

One America Movement


Jim and Donna Brooks

Pamela Daugavietis

Cary Fleischer

Daniel Gleason and Daryl Fisher

Michael and Linda Hampton

Dorothy Johnson

Wallson and Rebecca Knack

Arend D. and Nancy Lubbers

John and Karen Meyers

Brent and Diane Slay

Richard and Mary Stevens

John and Maureen Stewart


Alan and Anna Alpert

David Baak and Betty Zylstra

Dominican Sisters - GR

Douglas and Joanie Dowling

Albert R. Dugan

Paula Gaylord

Grand Rapids Friends Meeting

Frances B. Hamilton

Janice B. Heerspink

John and Rita Kirkwood

Robert and Carol Lautenbach

Timothy and Ping Liang

Ali M. Metwalli


Ann D. Oom

Donald and Gayle Redding

Douglas and Carol Robinson

Milton and Barbara Rohwer

Karen A. Ruple

Robert and Marjorie Sligh, Jr.

Karen Henry Stokes

Jane L. Toot

Ann M. Trost

Donald and Barbara VanOstenberg

Stephen and Karin Waterbury

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Red and blue weave pattern

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