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Community Events

Shoulder to Shoulder: Addressing Anti-Muslim & Anti-Jewish Hate & Discrimination in Our Communities

June 6, 2024 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

In light of the current war and geopolitical crisis in the Middle East, how are our religious communities across the United States impacted? What role(s) can people of faith play in preventing and...

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The spirit of the Kaufman Institute is represented by the cooperative programs hosted throughout the community to inspire, inform, and promote belonging. These events bring together diverse voices and worldview traditions to elevate individual experiences and stories, with the goal of promoting interfaith cooperation and pluralism.

Please explore the resources below to learn about how you can get involved.

"Interfaith work is foundational to our community thriving. This work has become critical. I am committed to this work because I want to be a part, albeit a small part, of the solution.”

 - Simin Beg, Kaufman Associate

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