The Interfaith Dialogue Association (IDA) understands that for the values and beliefs of a faith to be transmitted correctly, it is imperative for people to not only hear about the various creeds and Scriptures, but to have the opportunity to meet personally with those who ascribe to these religions. The IDA Speakers Bureau has supplied lecturers to a variety of colleges, including GVSU, Aquinas, Calvin, Cornerstone, Kuyper, and WMU; over a dozen local high schools as well as almost 3 dozen churches have been beneficiaries of their services as well. 

The Interfaith Dialogue Association (IDA) is a member of North American Interfaith Network and affiliated with the United Religions Initiative.  IDA is a cosponsor of the annual Grand Dialogue on Science and Religion and a working partner with The Kaufman Interfaith Institute. Our president, Fred Stella, hosts a weekly show on NPR affiliate WGVU called Common Threads.

For more information on the IDA Speakers Bureau, contact Fred Stella at (616) 454-5960.


IDA Goals

  • To advance understanding of religions and ideologies by study, dialogue, and sharing about religious experiences
  • To eliminate prejudice between members of different religious traditions and ideologies
  • To foster an appreciation for the richness of diverse religions and ideologies
  • To identify commonalities and differences among religions and ideologies to enhance personal growth and transformation
  • To promote friendship and trust among people of diverse religions and ideologies

IDA Board Members

Fred Stella, President

Deana Weibel, Vice President

Sheldon Kopperl, Secretary

Ashley Carter Youngblood

W. Fred Wooden

Aslam Modak

Page last modified June 21, 2023