Grand Dialogue

The Grand Dialogue in Science and Religion is an inter-institutional, interdisciplinary, and interfaith exploration of science and religion. The Dialogue seeks to find positive ways of relating these two great ideas in a constructive dialogue. Participating organizations each have their own unique perspectives, foci, message, and intended audience. By cooperating, we affirm the willingness to be open to various issues and perspectives in a spirit of mutual respect.

2021: Healing Our Earth

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To commemorate Earth Day in 2021, the Kaufman Interfaith Institute offered a virtual adaptation of the Grand Dialogue conference. After our 2020 Grand Dialogue coinciding with Earth Day 50 was cancelled due to COVID-19, we revisited its theme as part of our Year of Interfaith Healing, focusing on “Healing our Earth.”

We offered a series of spaces throughout the month that amplified wisdom, insights, and work pertaining to environmental action from numerous traditions and organizations. 

Speakers - Christian Imperatives for Environmental Care

From a Christian Perspective, Why Care for the Environment?

  • George Heartwell, Former Mayor of Grand Rapids
  • Steve Bouma-Prediger, Hope College
  • Sister Damien Marie Savino, Aquinas College
  • Chris Elisars, World Evangelical Alliance

What Are You Doing to Care for the Environment?

  • Dave Warners, Plaster Creek Stewards
  • Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, Evangelical Environmental Network
  • Gail Heffner, Calvin University
  • Steve Mulder, Climate Witness Project

Event video

Speakers - Interfaith Imperatives for Climate Action

How Does Your Faith or Values Inform Climate Action?

  • The Rev. Nurya Love Parish - Executive Director, Plainsong Farm & Ministry and Rector, Holy Spirit Episcopal Church
  • Huda Alkaff - Founder and Director, Wisconsin Green Muslims
  • Frank Ettawageshik - President of the Association On American Indian Affairs
  • Gopal D. Patel - Co-Founder and Director, Bhumi Global
  • Nathaniel Michon - Koyasan Shingon Buddhism

What Are You Doing for Climate Action?

  • Sarah King - Director, Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Associate Professor, IRIS: Integrative Religious and Intercultural Studies at Grand Valley State University
  • Wren Hack - Director, Hazon Detroit
  • Cybelle Shattuck - Hope for Creation, Southwest Michigan Chapter of Michigan Interfaith Power and Light
  • Hannah Huggett - Sunrise Movement

Event video