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This tool will assist University Marketing in creating the academic web page at to promote your program. This page provides essential, introductory information to prospective students such as industry insights, coursework, admission requirements, job skills and prospective careers, location, and format. The page also directs readers to the department page, catalog listing, admissions application, and more helpful links to set them on course to learn more about your program.  

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Badge Request

Visit to review available icons. Then, copy/paste the URL for the icon request. 


If you are printing a program flyer, you have the option to include a photo on the front and/or the back to add visual interest to program recruitment.  

  • Front photo: upload horizontal image measuring 4 x 2.625”, 150 - 300 dpi; maximum size file is 2MB
  • Back photo: upload horizontal image measuring 4 x 2”, 150 - 300 dpi; maximum size file is 2MB

Details about Program

A statement about the program of study or industry as a whole. This brief description will be visible on the Majors and Programs page at Limit this to one-two sentences.

A description of GVSU academic program to prospective students. What skills does this prepare prospective students for? Are there areas of concentration that make this program unique?  Limit this to 100-150 words.

This can be a brief description of the curriculum and instruction, or a brief listing of required courses.

This can be a brief description of career opportunities, or a brief listing of job titles for those with this degree. If you have data on career and job growth, please include it here. 

For undergraduate, please include any secondary admission information; for graduate, please include application deadlines and any additional application information.

Selling Points

Include at minimum five unique selling points about the program or area of study in general. If you have more than five selling points, please include them in the additional selling points text box. 

Program Contact Information

If a person has questions about the program, who in the department should be contacted? 

Contact Information

If University Marketing needs further clarification when adding the program to the ACAD page, who should be contacted? 
Note: This is strictly for the process of adding the program to the ACAD page. This information will NOT be published. 

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