About Instructional Design for eLearning

Our Purpose

The IDeL team has one principal goal: to develop confident and competent faculty, prepared to teach in blended and fully online learning environments, who are able to integrate technology in a way that is learner-centered and pedagogically sound.

We believe that when used properly, instructional technology can create an active learning environment in which students are better able to master content, develop valuable skills, and form learning communities.

How will we do this?

The IDeL team supports Grand Valley faculty in the use of information technology to enhance curriculum, support teaching and learning, and to promote the exchange of creative ideas, resources, and research using technology. We do so through the following:

  1. Consulting with individual faculty on pedagogy, course design, and the selection of appropriate instructional technologies.
  2. Working with departments to offer Teaching Circles in the areas of pedagogy and instructional technology.
  3. Providing support for web-based learning, including guidance in the use of various instructional methods for web-based instruction.
  4. Offering workshops on the pedagogical and technical aspects of teaching, learning, and technology integration.
  5. Providing resources, such as books, conference announcements, research articles, and web resources that support web-based instruction.
  6. Highlighting best practices and exemplars of the integration of technology and instruction.
  7. Engaging with the scholarship of teaching and learning, specifically that regarding the role of technology in education.
  8. Working closely with the Pew Faculty Teaching & Learning Center on broader issues of faculty development.

Glenna Decker

Glenna came to GVSU as an instructional designer in 2001. She has been providing faculty development for online teaching and learning since the late 1990s and has well over 10 years of graduate teaching experience in online, hybrid, and traditional in-seat delivery formats. She particularly enjoys facilitating the Foundations of Online/Hybrid Course Development series, facilitating Teaching Circles and holding individual consultations with faculty who are developing and teaching online/hybrid courses. She is a Ph.D. candidate at Western Michigan University in Higher Education Leadership.

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Kim Kenward

Kim holds a Masters in Information and Library Studies from the University of Michigan, and joined GVSU in 2000 as an instructional designer. In addition to her instructional designer duties, she is also responsible for facilitating university-wide and department specific faculty development workshops and coordinates the Online & Hybrid Teaching Faculty Learning Communities.  She enjoys teaching the Foundations of Online/Hybrid Course Development series, and holding individual consultations with faculty who are developing and teaching online/hybrid courses.

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Matthew Roberts

Matthew comes to IDeL with a PhD in Political Science and more than 13 years in the college classroom, as well as extensive experience in programming and web design. These two sides of his experience give him a first-hand understanding of the importance of instructional technology.

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