Advice from Experienced Online Faculty

Check out a variety of teaching tips from faculty at GVSU in the following highlight videos:

Julia Vandermolen
Accessibility for Teaching Online

Mike Sciarini
Collaborate and Role Playing

Larry Burns
Weekly Videos Announcements and Personalized Emails

Patty Stow Bolea
Padlet discussion

Jerry Johnson
Synchronous sessions and setup

Tina Yalda
GVSU Student Survival Guide during Remote Instruction

Gisella Licari and Meghan Cai
Google Suite and Class Engagement

Rosemary Cleveland
Using Videos to Create Instructor Presence

Rosemary Cleveland
Building Community

Rosemary Cleveland
Feedback Tips

Karyn Raybourn
Blackboard Skills

Raymond Higbea
Time Management

Gisella Licari
Foundations of Online and Hybrid Course Development

Kristen Vu
Online Faculty Support

Liz Storey
Building Community

Mandy Forslund
Student Expectations

Pam Page
Emerging Technologies in Teaching Online