Encompass Employee Assistance Program

Faculty and staff also have access to Encompass, a third party employee assistance program (EAP) which offers 24/7 crisis support, consultation, and coaching. Faculty and staff have seven free sessions as a GVSU benefit. 

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Featured Article: Coping with Strong Emotions

During uncertain times the power of raw emotions can be overwhelming for many of us. And let’s face it, 2020 has been quite a year of uncertainty. If we are not careful, those emotions can drive us to do and say things that we're sorry for later, whether it’s an impulsive reply in a work meeting, or with a loved one, or acting out in unhealthy ways. Read more from Encompass.

Encompass EAP Virtual Scavenger Hunt

For the Fall 2020 semester, GVSU HR is running a virtual scavenger hunt to help you become more familiar with Encompass EAP’s website and find resources and support you didn’t even know you had. Make an account with Encompass, explore your resources, and earn prizes! Click here to visit the Encompass EAP Virtual Scavenger Hunt page and learn more about how to get involved.