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Feeling Overwhelmed & Overworked?

Whether it's work-life balance issues, stress or conflict in the workplace, childcare troubles or more, Gary can listen and help provide tools and resources for whatever you may be experiencing.

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Meet Gary Atkins

Gary Atkins recently joined GVSU as the Work Life Consultant, powered by Encompass. Gary primarily works as an Employee Assistance Counselor with Encompass, GVSU's employee assistance program. He is available to meet with individuals virtually or in-person to discuss personal or professional issues impacting wellness, and provide support and resources. Gary is also available to assist in the conflict resolution process and provide departmental support.

Gary received his Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University, where he began to develop clinical skills suitable for working with children and families. Gary has experience working within various settings and has a diverse skill set pertaining to healthy transitions, managing depression, relationship concerns and understanding anxiety. Gary’s role at Encompass EAP, a subsidiary of AllOne Health, is an Employee Assistance Counselor and he has been with Encompass since 2019. At Encompass, Gary specializes in working with children and families. Gary works towards creating a collaborative relationship with clients providing education, support and creating a space for exploration while empowering clients to make meaningful and healthy changes in their lives. Although Gary works primarily as an Employee Assistance Counselor, he also conducts wellness presentations, staff trainings, on-site service requests and on-site critical incident service requests for client companies. He also conducts trainings and debriefings for client companies.

Gary Atkins

Additional Work-Life Resources

Responding to Distressed People

We know that stress and emotions are running high. The Responding to Distressed People guide and video walk-through can help you navigate what to do if you notice a colleague in distress. 

A Responding to Distressed People training is offered each semester. If you would like to participate in the next session, please email Gary.