Building Representatives

RHA Building Representatives

What is a Building Representative?

Building Representatives serve as a liaison between RHA and their respective buildings/residential communities. A limited number of Building Representatives, who serve as voting members within RHA, are allotted per building/residential community.

Serving as an RHA Building Representative is a great opportunity to make connections on campus and gain experience in leadership, event planning, service, and recognition. Students who value creativity, leadership, and personal growth will find a welcome and engaging home in RHA.

RHA is a great transition from previous involvement in Student Council, National Honor Society or other leadership organizations. Participation in RHA provides a unique connection to and engagement with the department of Housing & Residence Life which may be of particular interest to students aspiring to the Resident Assistant position in the future.

What are the Responsibilities of the Position?

Individuals selected to serve as RHA Building Representatives will be expected to:

  • Attend RHA Meetings every other Friday at 1:00pm
  • Update RHA sponsored building bulletin board monthly
  • Meet with Living Center Director and other community Building Representatives twice per semester
How Do I Become a Building Representative?

Apply to serve as a Building Representative at the link below. Though Building Representative recruitment continues through October, priority is given to first round applicants. Should the number of applications exceed the number of allotted positions, a virtual election process will take place in which building residents will vote for their Building Representatives.


2022-2023 Building Representatives

Application Opens: Friday, July 8

First Round Application Review & Selection: August 29 – September 9 

Second Round Application Review & Selection: September 26 –  September 30 (For remaining open positions)

Third Round Application Review & Selection: November 1 – November 4 (For remaining open positions)

Application Closes: Monday, October 31 for first round but will reopen for remaining positions

Community Representatives


Building/Number of Representatives


Weed – 3

Hoobler – 3

Ott – 3

Johnson – 3

The Back Four

Kirkpatrick – 4

Seidman – 3

Stafford – 4

Swanson – 3


North C. – 4

Hills – 2

Frey – 2


Pew – 2

Pickard – 2

DeVos – 2

Copeland – 2


HHLC – 10


Robinson – 3

Oak – 1

Maple – 1

Pine – 1


Niemeyer East – 4

Niemeyer West – 4

Calder – 1


Murray – 4

VanSteeland – 4

Grand Valley Apartments – 2

South Apartments

South C – 2

South D – 3

South E – 6

Laker Village

LVA – 8


Secchia – 2

Winter – 3

For questions, please contact [email protected]

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