GLACURH 2018 - Oakland University
NACURH 2018 - Tempe, AZ

Great Lakes Association for College and Residence Halls (GLACURH)

GLACURH stands for the Great Lakes Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls and this entity oversees affiliated institution's RHA and NRHH Chapters. The states/province that are affiliated with GLACURH are Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and Ontario! This international organization helps build and develop the leaders of tomorrow by improving student life on college and university campuses across the region through unique programming experiences and opportunities.

RLC is the Regional Leadership Conference; here all students, in GLACURH, in attendance are able to attend programs that help further their leadership skills. These programs also teach about different perspectives of students, that some may not be aware of. Some of these programs teach about advocacy and speaking up for the injustices that can happen on college/university campuses.

Regional Business Conference (RBC)

RBC is Regional Business Conference; here representatives, from affiliated institutions, gather and vote on the Regional Board of Directors and pieces of legislation that affects the outcome of the organization and the institution's own housing organizations.

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