OCM (Our Campus Market)

Our Campus Market is a corporation sponsor to Residence Housing Association which helps fund our events based on care packages purchased at Grand Valley State University! 


Your room = your space. Owning it is easy: Value Paks have everything you need - guaranteed to fit, guaranteed 'til graduation. Plus free shipping!


College Care Packages bring students snacking satisfaction with a shot of love from home.
Include a custom gift message - straight from you.


Make the living center room yours with comfort, style and sweet treats from home.
Guaranteed to fit - guaranteed 'til graduation.

Grand Valley State University Living Center Bedding & Decor Program

Grand Valley State University (gvs) makes shopping for your room fun and easy! They simplify the shopping experience for college students by creating exclusive and high-quality products specifically designed for our specially sized beds and rooms. Their expansive assortment of styles has something for everyone; ensuring a fantastic room for all. Shop the links below for bedding, pillows, storage solutions, room décor and more.

Best of all, every Living Center Bedding & Décor product available through OCM is guaranteed to fit and guaranteed to last from move-in all the way to graduation.

 Guarantee Your First Choice Today!

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"Shopping OCM was a great, fun, fast and easy experience. I was delighted by the quality of your products, your vast selection of choices and your outstanding guarantee." - C. Parkinson, parent of first-year student
"All set for life in the dorm! OCM offers a variety of awesome sets that are great for any college student and are guaranteed for graduation." - S Maine (2023), first-year student 
"I am absolutely in love with my new products from @ocmcollegelife. This bedroom and bathroom kit will be so useful on move in day! If you are soon moving into a dorm @ocmcollegelife is the best place for you. Everything they have is so cute!! Thank you #ocmcollegelife" - C Perez de Arminan (2024) second year student

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