Solve problems. Make your mark on campus.


1st Place: Monica Chaffee and Keenan Thompson, "Hawk Light Crossing"

2nd Place: Connor Payne, "Ahoy Laker"

3rd Place: Nashon Cook-Nelson and Margaret Alger, "Laker Lift"

You can download a spreadsheet of the entire pool of initial proposals.

View the gallery of images from final round pitching!

Special Thanks to all Our Judges:


First Round:

Alaina Clarke

Andrew Plague

Vanessa Gore

Ulandra Reynolds

Brian Merry

Brittany Dernberger

Final Round

Lee VanOrsdel, Dean of Libraries

Provost Gail Davis

John Berry

Lindsay Noonan

Hack Your Campus is an entrepreneurial competition in which students can make their mark on GVSU.   The competition asks students to submit ideas for improving some aspect of GVSU campus or services as part of a competitive pitching event.  Ideas can either improve existing programs or services or propose entirely new ones.  The best ideas earn substantial cash prizes!

Hack Your Campus was developed collaboratively by staff and students in the GVSU University Libraries and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  Our vision was to provide students with an opportunity to practice innovation and communication skills while also channeling some of their creative energy towards improving the campus.

The competition is designed to be fun, low-investment, and to allow for the maximum amount of creative freedom while still encouraging students to develop ideas that are at least theoretically implementable.



1st Place Winner: $1000

2nd Place Winner:  $700

3rd Place Winner: $500

Prizes are subject to taxation.



Reasons to Participate


Cash Prizes

Earn up to $1000 for a good idea!

Be the Solution

Anyone can complain, but meaningful change happens when people take the time to try and improve things.

Get Noticed

Connect with great organizations on campus and build your resume.  Pitching a winning idea could result in jobs, internships, or other opportunities.


Innovate your campus from within.  Learning how to pitch ideas now will pay off once you're in the workforce.

Pitch proposal submission opens January 5th!




Hack Your Campus relies on GVSU campus sponsors to be successful.  Our campus partners for this year are:

GVSU Promotions Office

Padnos International Center

Frederik Meijer Honors College

Grand Valley Housing

Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

University Libraries

Interested in sponsoring? Find out how!

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