Virus Action Team update: Number of COVID-19 cases in GVSU community continues to decline

Students walking on campus.
Image Credit: Kendra Stanley-Mills

The number of positive cases of COVID-19 within the GVSU community continues to decline, as do active cases. For a full look at our data, see the university dashboard

Grand Valley is one week into Ottawa County's two-week "Staying in Place" order affecting the Allendale Campus, which is scheduled to lift October 1. We thank all who are following the additional requirements of the order, including wearing face coverings outside. 

Random and Selected testing

The Virus Action Team is overseeing a variety of testing plans for the GVSU community, including randomized and selected testing. The purpose of randomized testing is to estimate the true prevalence of the virus in our community, as well as to support those who test positive.

  • Selected testing looks at high-risk groups more closely. Groups targeted include instructors teaching on-campus courses, public-facing staff members, on-campus residents and off-campus residents in complexes with increasing positive tests.
  • Each week, about 4,000 members of the community are invited to test. The testing times are flexible to accommodate a variety of schedules. Cooperation with testing and tracing plays an enormous role in mitigating the spread of the virus.
  • Those who have symptoms or who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive are asked not to participate in the random/selected testing, but instead schedule their tests through Spectrum Health by logging into MyChart or calling the GVSU/Spectrum Health COVID Resource Center at (833) 734-0020.

Self-assessment incentives – tuition break and support

Each person taking the GVSU daily self-assessment is critical to the fight against COVID-19. It is simple to complete and is the primary means for the university to collect daily information about the virus in the GVSU community to minimize its spread. To encourage students' daily participation, a financial incentive is being offered.

  • Students who complete their self-assessment every day, including weekends, for the rest of the semester will earn $200 toward the Winter 2021 semester. All the details are available through Financial Aid.
  • The self-assessment triggers all the necessary supports from Spectrum Health and Grand Valley for those who indicate they have symptoms, have tested positive or who have been exposed.
  • Those who are in quarantine or isolation can only be released by the county health department; notification is done by email, text or phone. That status should be updated the self-assessment.

After Thanksgiving – classes, exams and campus operations

To minimize back-and-forth travel after the Thanksgiving break, the university is encouraging all classes to be delivered remotely.

  • Some experiential learning will need to continue with in-person delivery, and individual faculty members will have instructions for the students involved. All exams will be conducted remotely.
  • Housing will remain open for residential students. By October 31, students will receive information on how to update their housing plans.
  • The university will issue credits for unused housing, dining and/or parking. Students must request this credit. No automatic credits will be issued because individual student circumstances will differ.
  • A consolidated form will be on the Housing website on October 26, and students will have until November 6 to submit the form.
  • Credits will be issued the week of November 30 on a pro-rata basis by day.

The Lakers Together website is updated continually. The Laker Together call center (616) 331-4636 continues to operate from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on weekends.

Personal health concerns should be directed to the GVSU/Spectrum 24-hour call center at (833) 734-0020. Questions and concerns can also be directed to