UPDATED 9.10.21

GVSU Housing and Residence Life has an assistance line for on-campus residents who have a close contact exposure, failed self-assessment, or positive COVID-19 test. The number is (616) 331-9595, and it will be monitored daily and on evenings and weekends.

For general questions and less urgent matters regarding quarantine and isolation, residents should send an email to housingcovid@gvsu.edu. For additional resources and information on quarantine and isolation for on campus residents, please visit the Housing and Residence Life COVID-19 page at Housing COVID-19.

Housing Goals and Expectations

GVSU is fortunate to have newer buildings that align with the conditions advised by public health officials.

The top priority is creating a vibrant and safer environment using the best public health guidance from the CDC and following state and federal requirements. Housing has developed a comprehensive plan for students who will live on campus that provides students with services and amenities to enrich their campus experience.

Students on campus can expect:

  • Reduced density of students in common spaces.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning in common spaces and bathrooms.
  • Ongoing communication and support regarding personal wellness.
  • A community encouraged in every way to embrace personal responsibility for each other’s well-being.
  • Appropriate protocols on self-monitoring, diagnostics and care.
  • The only guests permitted into GVSU housing living centers and apartments will be other GVSU housing residents, with the exception of move-in and move-out. Read the full guest policy.

Other common frequently asked questions about housing can be answered here.

Students who have been exposed, but do not have symptoms, may quarantine in their existing room or another assigned by the university. Those who develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 will need to isolate. Housing will have some rooms and apartments available for students who need to isolate on campus. All students who need to quarantine or isolate will be supported by university staff. More information is available here.

Residents within living centers and apartments are expected to wipe down restroom areas, surfaces and frequently touched items (door handles, keyboards, sinks, etc.) using appropriate disinfectant wipes or sprays. Properly dispose of cleaning towels or rags.

Along with cleaning done by Facilities Services staff, in community restrooms, residents are expected to wipe down surfaces and frequently touched items before and after use with disinfectant wipes or disinfectant spray and paper towels. In community kitchens and laundry rooms, wipe down surfaces and appliance controls and touchpoints before and after each use.

For more information, visit Housing and Residence Life.

A living center on the Allendale campus.