GVSU COVID-19 Data Dashboard

This dashboard is updated weekdays in the afternoon.

Last update was Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 12:00 p.m.

Grand Valley is committed to transparency of testing and trends of the virus within our entire community of students, faculty and staff – those who live on or off campus. Cases shown in the charts below include data obtained from reports on self-assessment, tests performed at Spectrum Health or the GVSU Campus/Community Health Centers, notifications from Ottawa and Kent County Health Departments, and the GVSU random/regular testing programs.

Daily Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in the GVSU Community


Confirmed cases in the off-campus student population now are labeled by county to provide the most accurate information to the community in a timely manner. In case-tracing efforts, the University seeks out more precise location information to target resources and make appropriate decisions. The prior division of off-campus students into "near-campus" and "other/unknown" was less informative due to the lack of local address information for some Ottawa County residents at the time of publication.  The majority of students living off campus in Ottawa County are within one mile of campus.

Current Active Cases in the GVSU Community (Population ~28,000)

Current Active Cases

Faculty Cases

Staff Cases

On-Campus Students

Off-Campus (Ottawa)

Off-Campus (Kent)

Off-Campus (other)

Current GVSU population % positive

7-day Average of New Cases










"Current active cases" is the count of positive cases reported to the Virus Action Team over the past ten days.  This is an estimate of those currently in isolation, assuming a ten day symptomatic period following the reporting of a positive test result. Actual periods of isolation are specific to the individual and determined by the county health department.

A total of 874 cases have been confirmed in the GV community since August 1st, including 4 Faculty members, 3 Staff, 97 on-campus students, 653 off-campus students in Ottawa County, 66 off-campus students in Kent County, and 51 students in other/unknown counties.

[Sept 23, 2020: In a check of previously reported data, a few duplicate reports and a few cases that were not GV community members were found. A total of ten cases were removed from the count, from the following dates:  9/2, 9/4, 9/6 (3 cases), 9/9, 9/16, and 9/21 (2 cases).]

7-day average of daily cases in the GVSU community


GV Testing Program

Testing Category

Total # of Tests, Starting August 21

Total # Positive from our Testing

Cumulative Positivity Rate

Positivity Rate (last 7 days)

GV Surveillance





GV Total





"GV Surveillance" includes the GV/Spectrum administered programs of: randomized testing, regular testing of high-risk groups, and invited testing of individuals connected to potential clusters.  A calendar is available.  "Total GV" includes surveillance testing plus all symptomatic/exposure tests administered by Spectrum. Future efforts will be made to determine prevalence from randomized testing results alone.



Grand Valley's Alert Level is based on a number of different considerations and factors. A full breakdown of alert level considerations and indicators is available, as well as the current status of our indicators.

Current Alert level is "Level 3: High (Orange)"

This page is maintained by GVSU's Virus Action Team (VAT). Navigate to the other VAT-administered pages using the buttons above. For questions, concerns, or to report a non-emergency health/safety issue, email us at virusactionteam@gvsu.edu.  For general questions contact the Lakers Together Call Center: 616-331-INFO (4636). For personal health questions, call the 24/7 GVSU COVID Health Line (833) 734-0020.

Notes on the monitoring of data

For our tracking efforts, the Virus Action Team vigorously monitors data on the current spread of COVID-19, and risks of further spread at the national, state, regional, and campus levels.

Collecting data at the Campus Level

  • All students, faculty and staff are expected to complete the daily COVID-19 risk self-assessment, including weekends.  The assessment is required for those coming to campus.
  • We are conducting ongoing testing of selected campus populations, as well as randomized testing (so-called surveillance testing).
  • We are tracking the number of individuals in the GV community who are in quarantine or isolation (on- or off-campus).

Data at the National, State, or Regional Level