Kelsey Sietsema and Koda get into the police car

On the job with Koda

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Koda meets the community

Grand Valley Police Department’s newest employee arrived in West Michigan in June after six weeks of training in Alabama. 

Koda, a K-9 explosives dog, is a 2-year-old Black Lab who lives with Kelsey Sietsema, a GVPD canine and community police officer.

Koda’s main responsibilities are to attend gatherings like football games and large-scale events, and connect and engage with the campus community. Vests for on-duty and off-duty let members of the community know when they are free to approach and interact with her.

Private funding helped GVPD open up a spot for Koda.

Kelsey walks down the stadium seats with Koda
Kelsey kisses Koda on the nose
Koda has his paws on a table

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