Our Location

Where to find us

The offices for the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) program, are located in Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall (RFH).

  • 500 Lafayette Avenue NE

You can find our main office on the first floor:

  • Main Office is located in Suite 106

The MPH Director and faculty offices are on the second floor.

  • MPH Director's office (Dr. Ranelle Brew) is located in Suite 204
  • Faculty Offices are located in Suite 203

RFH is a short walk from the Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences (CHS) - one block north, traveling under the I-196 overpass.

Enter via the southwest entrance of the building, on the corner of Lafayette and Hastings. Our main office suite (RFH 106) is located down the hall on your left, past the elevator doors and conference room.



How to Get Here

Driving to RFH

Please note - Visitor parking at RFH is limited and must be prearranged. We suggest you take the bus!

From I-196 Eastbound:

Take the College Ave. exit (Exit 78) and turn left onto College to head north on the overpass.

Stay in the middle lane (designated for left turn only) to take a wide left turn at the light onto Hastings St. (avoiding the I-196 Westbound ramp to your left).

Travel along Hastings to Lafayette Ave. and turn right at the traffic light.

The entrance to the RFH parking lot is located off of Lafayette, immediately north of the RFH building.

From I-196 Westbound:

Take the College Ave. exit (Exit 78) and, staying to the right, head straight across College onto Hastings St.

Follow Hastings St. to the traffic light at Lafayette Ave, and turn right.

The entrance to the RFH parking lot is located off of Lafayette, immediately north of the RFH building.

RFH Dedication Video (Short)

Raleigh J Finkelstein Hall Dedication Short Video

Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall (opened May 2018) houses 16 teaching laboratories and 90 offices for faculty and staff. RFH brings together several health programs, including Public Health, Occupational Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation, Speech-Language Pathology, Sonography, and Allied Health Sciences, with intensive interactive learning spaces and the space to work as interprofessional teams.



Laker Line



GVSU is a permit-only campus.

Visitor Parking: Guests/visitors sponsored by SIH administrators or programs/faculty within the School, may request a visitor parking permit by contacting the SIH office or the sponsoring program. This permit allows parking in signed spaces at RFH, as well as the upper-level parking ramp at CHS and DCIH. Visitor passes cannot be issued to current GVSU personnel or students. Visitors also have the option to utilize the pay-to-park area in the shared GVSU / Spectrum Shared Parking Ramp (we recommend using ParkMobile). 

Student Parking on the Health Campus is available, with a valid student permit, at the GVSU / Corewell Health Parking Ramp. The ramp is located behind the new Daniel & Pamella DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health (DCIH), at 333 Michigan Street NE. There are two entrances: Prospect St. and Lafayette St. Click on the parking icon above for more parking information details. Please refrain from parking on the neighborhood streets.

Taking the bus

GVSU students ride the bus for FREE!

The new Laker Line BRT (LL) connects GVSU's Allendale, Pew, and Health campuses.

The Health Campus bus stop is located in front of the DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health (DCIH) and adjacent to CHS. To take the short walk to RFH, upon exiting the bus, head west to the corner of Michigan St. & Lafayette Ave., then turn right and travel north (under the I-196 overpass) to the RFH entrance at the corner of Lafayette Ave. & Hastings St.

LL schedules vary and are subject to change (weekdays, weekends, breaks) - frequencies of service are reduced during spring/summer semesters and GVSU break periods. Be sure to check the appropriate schedule when planning to take the bus. To find out where the bus is in real time, visit Rapid Connect.

Other bus routes may be suitable depending on your circumstance - Ride The Rapid. Bus lines #11 and #13 have stops close to RFH and CHS. All Grand Valley and Rapid routes are free to ride with your GVSU student ID.

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