Non-Radiation Therapy Background Applicants


Students must complete or submit a plan for completion of all prerequisite and undergraduate degree requirements by the application deadline. The most common and recommended major for students admitted to the program is radiation therapy (RT). Students who have a different undergraduate degree are still eligible for the program, but must complete the prerequisites. A limited number of students are admitted without a RT background.

Completing the radiation therapy (RT) prerequisite courses can be challenging, since most are closed courses (secondary admit programs with cohort classes). At GVSU, the RT classes are only open to those admitted into the radiation therapy program or dosimetry program. Students interested in the dosimetry program, that are willing to take the GVSU RT in-seat courses (approximately 2 semesters: Fall & Winter), can apply to the dosimetry program as a conditional admit student. If admitted, the conditionally admitted student takes the prerequisite courses (paying graduate tuition rates) and are required to achieve an 80% in those courses. The alternative is to find another radiation therapy program that would allow you to take those courses: students must work with the GVSU student services office to ensure they are transferable and equivalent. Once the prerequisites are completed, students would begin the dosimetry program in the Fall semester.

Applicants submitting a plan for completion of prerequisites who are selected will receive conditional letters of admission, which convert to full admission upon successful completion of the entire plan for completion prior to the start of the program. A plan for completion is submitted as an additional page to the application. There is not a form for this document.


Page last modified June 25, 2020