Didactic Coursework

Hybrid Format

The GVSU Medical Dosimetry program is a hybrid / online program. Clinicals are in person at the assigned institution, and didactic courses are hybrid. Students remain at one clinical location for the entire program duration, which can be anywhere in the United States. The didactic courses meet "in-seat" once a semester at the GVSU Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences in Grand Rapids, MI and the remainder of the course is online. The following is the schedule for the "in-seat" meetings:

1) Fall Semester: late August (3 days)

2) Winter Semester: late April (2 days)

3) Spring / Summer Semester: late July (4 days)

The didactic courses also have synchronous online meetings once every other week, in which the Blackboard video conferencing system is used to hold class.