How do I know if I have completed my General Education requirements?
Go to www.gvsu.edu. Click on "Current Students", then click on "myBanner" and log in. From there you can obtain your MyPath "Degree Audit Report" which will tell you which classes you have taken and which classes you need to take.

How does "double dipping" work?
There are some classes that count for more than one General Education requirement. An example would be GPY 235. It is listed under Social and Behavioral Sciences AND Global Perspectives, which means if you were to take this course, it would count for both a Social and Behavioral Sciences and a Global Perspectives credit.

I have received a bachelor's degree from Grand Valley (or any other institution). Do I have to complete the General Education requirements to complete another degree?
Students with a bachelor's degree (from any college) have completed their general education requirements. They just need to complete the 2nd degree/major requirements within the program.

Is there a minimum grade required for General Education Classes?
There is no minimum grade requirement for General Education classes except for WRT 150, which requires a C (not a C-) or better (SWS courses also require a C or better).

If I placed in a language course higher than 202 can I still get Global Perspectives credit?
Yes. You must have the Modern Languages Department contact us with your name and the course (above the 202 level) you took in lieu of 202. 


Can I use life experiences (work, volunteer, military service) to count for a General Education course?
Although life experiences are extremely valuable in your education, they cannot count for a General Education course.

Can students test out of a General Education requirement through a departmental proficiency exam?

Can I use AP, CLEP, or International Baccalaureate credits to fulfill General Education requirements?
It is possible. More information about  AP, CLEP, or International Baccalaureate available.

Can I use an independent study, internship, practicum, co-op, research, or similar type of course to fulfill a General Education requirement?
No. However, these courses can often be used to fulfill a requirement in your major, minor, or emphasis.


I want to meet one or more of my General Education requirements (Foundations, Cultures, or Issues) while studying abroad. What do I need to do?
First, consult with the Padnos International Center in 130 Lake Ontario Hall.  Once you have done that, visit the Study Abroad General Education page for details and forms needed to fulfill a General Education requirement abroad.

Can I get Issues credit for Study Abroad?
Yes, any course you take abroad can count for Issues credit if it has not already fulfilled a Foundation requirement.  Once you return from your Study Abroad experience you will need to complete the Study Abroad Issues Proposal Form and write the reflection.

What if I took a Study Abroad through a different university?
You may be able to use a study abroad taken at another college or university to fulfill some of the General Education requirements.  Email gened@gvsu.edu for details.


How do I fulfill the MTH 110 prerequisite?
Visit the Math placement information page for detailed information on meeting the MTH 110 prerequisite.

How do I meet the Junior Standing prerequisite?
For class standing, a junior is defined as a student who has earned 55-84 credits.  For prerequisite checking, you must have completed at least 55 credits before taking the course. However, you can register for the course while the final credits are in progress. MyPath will count the credits completed and the credits currently being taken at the time of registration. It will not include credits enrolled in for the following Fall or Winter semesters.  

How do I get a permit to enroll in a Seidman (Business) course?
You must have completed 55 credits to enroll in 300-400 level Seidman College of Business courses.  If you are a non-business major with a 2.5 overall GPA, please email your name, G-number, course and semester to go2gvbiz@gvsu.edu to request a permit to register.  Secondary admissions criteria apply for business majors.  


Do I have to take General Education courses if I'm a transfer student?
Yes. Students who transfer to Grand Valley with the MACRAO approved associate of arts or science degree from a Michigan public community college have satisfied the Foundation Categories of the General Education Program and one Supplemental Writing Skills (SWS) course. However, transfer students with a MACRAO are required to complete the following requirements at GVSU:

  • One SWS course
  • The two-course General Education Program Cultural Emphasis requirement and
  • The two-course Issues requirement

I transferred here from another institution and I think that one of my courses might count toward my General Education requirements. Where should I go to find out?
Obtain a Student Concern Form and follow the instructions for submitting the form for review.  To see whether a specific course from another institution will transfer to GVSU, visit the Transfer Equivalency site.

Please note:

  • Advisors and faculty members CANNOT make substitutions in the General Education Program.
  • You cannot use a course from another institution to fulfill your Issues requirement.



What happens with my upper-division credits if I change catalog years?
Students with a GVSU catalog prior to the 2014-15 catalog year can take 2 Issues, 2 Themes, or 1 Issue and 1 Theme course to fulfill their upper-level General Education requirement.   If you update your catalog year to 2014-15 or later to pursue a newly offered major or minor, any Themes courses you have taken will count toward your new Issues-only General Education Program requirements (Fall 2014 and on). You may not take a Theme course after you change catalog years. These exceptions will be placed on your record when your catalog update request is received in the Records Office.

I took a course at another institution that transfers in as a General Education Issues or Themes course.  Can I receive Issues/Themes credit for it?
No.  Issues and Themes courses must be taken at GVSU.  If a course double-dips with a Culture - for example, it qualifies for Issues and U.S. Diversity - you can receive the U.S. Diversity credit, but you must still take two GVSU Issues courses.

Can I take all of my General Education courses in my first two years?
No.  Issues courses have a Junior Standing prerequisite.  (See PREREQUISITES above for the definition of Junior Standing.)


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