Course Assessment

Course Assessment Timeline

Early in the Semester: Plan How to Teach and Assess the GE Student Learning Outcomes

  • Use the search tool at General Education Courses by Category to identify your course's Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) or see the master list. Each course in General Education has both Knowledge SLOs and Skill SLOs. 
    • Knowledge SLOs are determined by the General Education Category (e.g., Foundations: Historical Analysis). Knowledge SLOs use the Knowledge Rubric.
    • Skills SLOs are assigned to individual courses during the application process (e.g., Critical Thinking). Each Skill SLO also has a rubric that is required for assessment.
  • Plan how you will teach your course SLOs.
  • Plan how you will assess your course SLOs. Please remember to design separate assessments for each SLO and all accompanying objectives.
  • Attend an Assessment Workshop, watch the Assessment Video, and/or download the Assessment PowerPoint for further help. 

During the Semester: Teach Student Learning Outcomes

  • Review Course Assessment Reports (CARs) and feedback from previous assessments.
  • Teach students the SLOs. 
  • Begin completing the sections on the CAR about how you taught the SLOs.

End of Semester: Assess Student Learning and Submit Report

  • Assess student learning using the Knowledge and Skills rubrics (do not use grades).
  • Enter course data using the General Education Assessment Site.
  • Review data graphs/tables received from GE once the data is submitted. If there are multiple sections, each instructor will receive graphs/tables for their section and summary data for all sections combined.
  • Complete the CAR and email it to the General Education Program.

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