Study Abroad

I want to meet one or more of my General Education requirements (Foundations, Cultures, or Issues) while studying abroad. What do I need to do?
First, consult with the Padnos International Center in 130 Lake Ontario Hall.  Once you have done that, visit the Study Abroad General Education page for details and forms needed to fulfill a General Education requirement abroad.

Can I get Issues credit for Study Abroad?
Yes, most courses taken abroad can count for Issues credit if they do not fulfill a Foundation requirement.  Once you return from your Study Abroad experience you will need to complete the Study Abroad Issues Proposal Form and write the reflection.

What if I took a Study Abroad through a different university?
You may be able to use a study abroad taken at another college or university to fulfill some of the General Education requirements.  Email [email protected] for details.

Page last modified August 29, 2022