Transfer Students

Do I have to take General Education courses if I'm a transfer student?
Yes. Students who transfer to Grand Valley with the MTA/MACRAO approved associate of arts or science degree from a Michigan public community college have satisfied the Foundation Categories of the General Education Program and one Supplemental Writing Skills (SWS) course. However, transfer students with an MTA/MACRAO are required to complete the following requirements at GVSU:

  • One SWS course
  • The two-course General Education Program Cultural Emphasis requirement
  • The two-course Issues requirement

I transferred here from another institution and I think that one of my courses might count toward my General Education requirements. Where should I go to find out?
Obtain a Student Concern Form and follow the instructions for submitting the form for review.  To see whether a specific course from another institution will transfer to GVSU, visit the Transfer Equivalency site. You cannot use a course from another institution to fulfill your Issues requirement.

Will my writing course transfer into GVSU as being equivalent to WRT 150?
Effective Fall 2016, WRT 150 evaluations now take the transfer grade into consideration and will award WRT 150 only for a grade of C or above. Students who obtain a grade of C-, D, or D+ in their transfer course will now receive WRT general credit in transfer. As always, students who obtain a grade of D- or F will not receive any credit in transfer. Special considerations may be made for students who were admitted prior to Fall 2016 regarding the WRT 150 versus WRT general credit decision. These requests should still be directed to the Records Office.


Page last modified December 14, 2022