New Program Reviews

The FSBC is charged with reviewing the financial implications of all "New Program Proposals."

The committee has developed a spreadsheet to facilitate realistic budget projections; however, in many cases the cost of a new program is blended with existing costs, and we recognize accurate projections can be difficult.  In recent years, the committee has focused on the reliability of budget projections and has weighed the potential new costs versus the desirability of the proposed new program.  For a for a listing of the information requested as part of the feasibility section click HERE.

Authors of a New Program Proposal are encouraged to talk with a member of the FSBC committee for help developing their budget.

In all cases we remind the authors that growth in enrollment alone is not a guarantee that a new position will be made available and encourage them to structure their programs accordingly.  A history of all new program proposals and associated reviews is available on SAIL [ ]. 

Go to the New Program Council webpage for details on how to prepare your budget. 

Budget Considerations (review before completing budget)

Program Budget Template (required)

Program Budget Template Example A  (review before completing the required budget) 

Program Budget Template Example B (review before completing the required budget)

Go to the New Program Council webpage for details on how to prepare your budget. 

Course Capacity:
Course Capacity must be included for all existing courses for the past three years. This data is available from Institutional Analysis and should be uploaded with the prospectus. Below is an example that merges the fall, winter, and summer offerings into a single year.  Make sure to provide data for all existing courses, including those taught outside the unit.  In the prospectus, please also list all new courses proposed. 
Course Capacity Example

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