Unit Stability Update

Unit heads will annually submit a Unit Stability Update.
The intended audience is your Dean. 
The goal of this update is to assure that faculty are aware of trends occurring in their Unit and that steps being taken to address identified concerns are transparent.

Note this is different from the on-going Program Review.

Unit Stability Updates are due August 20, 2023.

The Unit Stability Update mirrors the Self-Study in appearance (a fill-in-the-box online form).  It is submitted each year by the Unit Head in conjunction with the Dean.  It consists of only two questions and provides an opportunity for Units to reflect on any trends occurring in the Unit.  The administration will provide each unit with a suite of Monitored Metrics.  These metrics are updated annually and are available to all faculty in the Unit at any time.  Having accurate and meaningful metrics will help make effective decisions regarding the best use of resources available to support the goals of the Unit.   A general explanation of the Monitored Metrics is available HERE.

The Unit Stability Update serves two goalsThe first goal is to ensure that faculty are aware of the data that drives much of the activity in the Unit (such as scheduling and cost), to provide each Unit the opportunity to annually engage with their Dean on how trends in the data may impact their Unit long term, and – where appropriate – for the Unit to take steps based on the data to increase the long-term stability of the Unit.  The second goal is to ensure transparency between the Unit and the Dean.

The Unit Stability Update is due at the end of each academic year (technically May 20 along with other reviews from winter semester, however it is not reviewed until the fall so they can be submitted anytime over the summer). 

The Unit Stability Update should be completed by the Unit Head in consultation with the Unit and your Dean during the winter semester (although it can be submitted anytime over the summer).  A pdf version of the Monitored Metrics must be submitted as part of the Unit Stability Update.  If a Unit has a Monitored Metric outside a defined range (the FSBC performs an Annual Examination of Unit Stability Metrics), the chair of FSBC will notify the Provost and Dean.  The Unit Stability Update allows units to explain a flagged trend or unusual metric (and provides an opportunity to assure the metrics are accurate and meaningful).  In addition to those metrics about which FSBC request an explanation, the Unit should comment on any metric that appears to be trending in a direction that may be considered unsustainable or otherwise noteworthy (in other words please do not limit your comments to flagged metrics and Units are expected to provide some commentary even if no metrics were flagged).  

The FSBC review of the Unit Stability Update is intended to assure a thoughtful examination of the metrics.  The committee may provide commentary and suggestions in response to the Update.  The FSBC review of the Unit Stability Update will be completed every other year and will generally follow the same schedule as GVPlan and GVAssess administered by UAC (University Assessment Committee; see "Ongoing Assessment" links halfway down the page).   

The Dean will review the Unit Stability Update to assure that it addresses potential concerns and provide feedback annually.  In years when FSBC reviews the Unit Stability Update, the Dean and the FSBC may consult before final submission of feedback.  The Unit Stability Update including the pdf version of the Monitored Metrics and their associated feedback will be archived and available to all members of the Unit (similar to GVPlan and GVAssess).  This process ensures transparency and continuity.  The Unit Stability Update and its associated feedback will be used in resource allocation, program reviews and other planning efforts. 

Access to Metrics

All faculty have access to the Metrics associated with your Unit.  Click your unit and then use your faculty log-in to view information in an easy to use format at:

More details, including information by program, is available on the Institution Analysis webpage at:

Unit Heads may request additional information from Institutional Analysis.  Contact Philip Batty 

To Complete the Unit Stability Update Log onto the Server:


Scroll down to [GVStability]

Click [Access Stability Metrics] to access the metrics you are asked to review

You will be asked to log-in again and then the webpage (sustdash) will display each metric (via a pull down menu) in tabular and graphical format 

Once you have reviewed the metrics, then print the metrics to a pdf (using the browser Firefox go to Summary Report --> FSBC Measures; it is the last item on the drop-down menu; and print to pdf - this will make a nicely paginated pdf)  then go back to GVAdvance and complete the report

Click [Unit Stability Update] to access the report

Upload your pdf of the Monitored Metrics; click [Browse] and find your file

Enter your Department Code.

Enter the Academic Year -this should be the academic year the report was submitted (or should have been submitted if it is done late); we understand that the data generally lag a year.  For example the Update for 2022-2023 should be submitted over the summer of 2023 and is based on data provided in the fall of 2022.  The feedback from the Dean should match the academic year of the Update (regardless of when it is submitted). 

There are only two questions.  If your metrics look good, then the report should only take a few minutes.  If, however, the metrics show a pattern of concern, then you are asked to identify the underlying cause and list what steps are being taken to address the concern.  The goal of this process is to engage all faculty in the Unit; therefore, the responses provided should be the consensus of the Unit.  

Click [Save & Finalize] to complete the report (make sure to only submit once, if you submit multiple times you can contact Robert Hollister to delete unnecessary submissions).


If you have difficulties with materials on GVAdvance contact Phuong Vo.
If you have difficulties with materials on sustdash contact Philip Batty 
Note the metrics are further explained at Monitored Metrics, if you suspect errors contact Philip. 

Video instructions on how to complete the Unit Stability Update.

Other Relevant Information

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