GVFaces: V'Lecea Hunter

May 16, 2023 (Volume 46, Number 17)
Article by Michele Coffill

V'Lecea Hunter standing outside leaning on a support in front of green trees

V'Lecea Hunter, senior director of diverse populations and retention initiatives, will take a new position in Detroit soon.

V'Lecea Hunter, senior director of diverse populations and retention initiatives, has positively impacted countless Grand Valley students through her roles at the university.

She said the skills she has learned come largely from mentors and how she got to Grand Valley in the first place. 

Hunter was among the first cohort of students to receive a scholarship from the Thompson Foundation. In 2008, Detroit area residents Bob and Ellen Thompson, through their foundation, began a scholarship program at Grand Valley for graduates of Detroit's University Preparatory Academies. 

"I learned a lot from Mr. and Mrs. Thompson," Hunter said. "Not only did I learn about them and the reasons why they wanted to support students, I learned about building relationships and that has carried me throughout my career."

Hunter earned bachelor's and master's degrees from Grand Valley and began working for the university in 2015. After one year as an academic advisor, Hunter moved to the Division of Enrollment Development, now Enrollment Development and Educational Outreach. Connecting with all Thompson Scholars — the university's largest scholarship program — remains among her job responsibilities.

"I have a special craft to connect with any student. I want all students to succeed, that is what drives me. I admire their will to take on challenges," she said.

Hunter will take those skills to a new position soon. She plans to leave Grand Valley May 30 for a position in Detroit, partly, she said, to give back to the city that has given her so much.

"During graduate school, I discovered more about what diversity, equity and inclusion means. My thesis was 'How to Advise Black and Brown Students at a Predominately White Institution,'" she said. "I will take the skills that Grand Valley gave me to impact students and I will use that to give back to Detroit."

Hunter said she will miss the Laker community.

"I really thank faculty and staff who have supported me and collaborated with me during my journey at GVSU," she said. "And, really, I thank the students for trusting and allowing me to advocate for, and advise, them." 



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