Explore You!

When exploring major and career options, you should start by assessing your interests, personality, skills, and values. The below self-assessments and discovery pages are a fun and helpful way to get to know yourself better, which will make it much easier to make confident academic and career-related decisions.

Career Guides by Major

Each guide includes sample career paths; internship ideas; graduate, professional, and certificate programs to consider; major-related study abroad experiences, student organizations, skill sets; and other helpful resources.

Curriculum Guides

This page links to all the curriculum guides for each major. Find the major you're interested in, click the image and you will be taken to the curriculum guides. If you believe you know what major you would like to study and would like to meet with an advisor for that specific major, you can also schedule an appointment from this page. 

Exploratory Study Courses

This site lists information about courses to help you explore different potential majors. Some of the courses found here may also be in the General Education Program. 


O*Net is a comprehensive tool for career exploration and job analysis! It has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more!



  • Discover yourself through personalized career assessments such as interests, personality, values, workplace preferences, and overall purpose.
  • Explore unique career paths and majors that align with your career assessment results
  • Connect to personalized local and global job opportunities
  • Review your results with your academic advisor or a career counselor
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Self-Guided Path for Choosing a Major

If you are an exploratory or undecided student or you are in-between majors, you are in the position to explore and investigate all the possibilities that are available to you. It is also the time to discover who you are and what career field best fits you. Getting started can sometimes be confusing. Students often have no idea where to start, where to find resources available to help them, or how to proceed. This self-guided path for choosing a major takes you through three steps to being the process of identifying your major.

Whether you’re exploring majors or searching for information about your chosen field, this website will help. Learn typical career areas and types of employers that hire in these fields, as well as strategies to make you a more marketable candidate. Continue your research through the websites provided.

Page last modified October 20, 2022