How Can an Advisor Help Me?

GVSU has 12 Exploratory Study Advisors who are all located in Mackinac Hall C-1-120 and C-1-140

Advising at Grand Valley establishes a collaborative relationship between student and advisor, resulting in support, guidance, and university connection. 

Advising creates pathways for growth and change, encouraging students to explore their options while supporting students throughout the decision making process.






What is an Academic Advisor?

Exploratory Study Academic Advisors are generalists - they have a broad understanding of all majors. As a result, they are perfectly situated to help you identify resources that help you understand who you are as that connects to your future careers, goals and aspirations. 

When you meet with your Exploratory Study Academic Advisor, you will be able to have a comprehensive discussion about how to engage in personalized exploration. 

All Exploratory Study Academic Advisors can...

  • Introduce you to GVSU majors and minors
  • Explain the differences between programs
  • Guide you through your General Education requirements
  • Provide you with an overview of professional / graduate school options
  • Connect you with university resources (e.g. tutoring, counseling, career services, etc.)
Exploratory Study Advisors can talk through the details of how to best take your next steps.
Once you declare your major, you will work with a faculty and/or professional advisor on the details of your major.

Once you declare your major, you will be assigned a Professional and/or Faculty Advisor who specialize in providing:

  • In-depth explanation of college-specific programs
  • Implementation of General Education requirements
  • Overview of professional/graduate school requirements, as they relate to your declared major
  • Information about secondary admission requirements for certain majors
  • Connection with University resources (e.g. tutoring, counseling, career services)

Page last modified October 4, 2022