Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to be undecided?

Approximately, 70% of all students are undecided at one time during their academic career. Grand Valley has many people, programs and courses to help you make the decision that is right for you. So, yes, it is OK to be undecided. Grand Valley's general education curriculum is designed to provide students exposure to a sampling of academic areas while earning credit towards graduation. Students have time to explore majors through the general education curriculum as well as taking classes that may be of interest to them.

How long can I stay Exploratory?

Though Grand Valley does not require you to choose a major by a certain time, we strongly recommend declaring by the end of sophomore year.

Do I have to declare a major to graduate?


If I don't/cannot choose a major before my junior year, will I be here longer than 4 years?

Many majors require between 36-45 credits in the major, therefore, it is often possible to still graduate in 4 years if you decide on a major during your junior year.  Ideally, we want you to begin the process immediately and decide on a major your sophomore year thus giving you the option of pursing a major of your choice and still graduating in a timely manner.

I know what I want to study. How do I declare my major?

Log into myBanner and then select these links: StudentStudent Records, and Change Major. Follow online instructions.

If I declare a major and then change my mind, are there any issues with changing it?

Students can change a major at any time and this information does not show up on any official documents.  Keep in mind that you may have extra electives if you switch numerous times.

What classes should I take?

You will be completing your general education courses that are needed for a degree at Grand Valley regardless of your major. We would also encourage you to take introductory courses in various fields of study thereby exposing you to a variety of majors

If I have completed all of my General Education requirements and still have no idea of a major, what classes should I schedule for next year?

An Exploratory Advisor can help design a schedule for you that includes classes from majors you are considering. 

Do I need a minor?

Most majors at Grand Valley do not require a minor. A discussion with your academic advisor can help you determine if a minor is appropriate and beneficial for you based on the major you are considering.

Can my Exploratory Advisor stay my advisor when I declare/change my major?

Once you decide on a major, the Exploratory Advisors will transition you to an advisor in your major who has expert knowledge about the major requirements, co-curricular opportunities related to the major and even career paths related to the major.

Who should I see first: a Career Counselor or an Exploratory Advisor?

If you are trying to decide between 2-4 majors, the Exploratory Advisor can assist you and give you information about each of the majors to help you narrow down your choice. If you are completely undecided and not sure if your interests, it might help to take some self-assessments with a Career Counselor via the US 102 and then come meet with an Exploratory Study Advisor. 

Page last modified August 23, 2022