Community Mental Health


Community Mental Health

Experience Information

Employer: The Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan
Job Title: Intern
Major: Allied Health Science
Received Credit: Yes
Paid: No
Abroad: No

Description of the Organization

This organization serves the community with a variety of opportunities for all ages to learn more about mental health. Their main focus is in educating school ages children K-12 on mental health and how they can handle situations relating to mental health.

Description of the Tasks/Projects Completed

A large part of my job here was to expand the resources for schools who had purchased the be nice. kits. This resource list included additional games, songs, books, activities, and fundraising ideas. The teachers have access to a portal where all this information is available to them in hopes that they can pick a new activity just to re-enforce the be nice. model monthly. I also was able to teach some lessons in both elementary and middle school. This was a wonderful experience because I personally was able to help educate the young minds with tools that will help in their futures.

Skills/Knowledge Gained Through The Experience

The most prominent skill I have gained is that I now have confidence going into any room and speaking. I also can adjust the manner of speaking I have depending on the crowd. I also gained more knowledge on how a small non-profit organization operates.

Favorite Part of the Experience

My favorite part was teaching in the classrooms. Getting to see first hand the impact that the lessons could have on the kids was awesome.

How the Experience Influenced Future Career Goals

This has solidified that I want to go into public health.

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