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1st Co-op Rotation at Rose Medical: Winter 2023

Major: Biomedical Engineering My first two weeks I spent a rotation of about 3 hours in the clean rooms to be able to see our processes and what Rose is capable of. From there I took the lead on two development builds for a new product transitioning from development to production at Rose. This involved doing much of the manufacturing by hand or with basic fixtures. Once these development builds were completed my work became focused on designing and qualifying new fixtures Rose would use to manufacture the the new product. In addition, I completed qualifications for the processes used in production.

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Project Engineering Co-op

Major: Biomedical Engineering Being a smaller company, I completed a variety of projects, including research, product testing, developing manufacturing methods, and product development.

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Final Co-op Experience at Viant Medical

Major: Biomedical Engineering I wrote and edited several types of documents including but not limited to: component specifications, item masters, qualification protocols and reports, work instructions, fixture files, formal information collections, etc. I also owned several trackers for component procurement, drawing revisions, all documentation (500+) involved in the new product launch, and more. I worked closely with my project team on designing equipment and their stations with integrators to make them ready for the line and process development. Worked with supply chain to gather supplier information and documentation to get them as an approved supplier through Viant, ensuring they can meet all of the specifications needed by the customer on their drawings. I also created a tracker to track component inventory and first article inspection data.

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Third Semester - Altus Industries

Major: Biomedical Engineering As a third semester intern, I was given a fair amount of design work and assignments this semester. I was given a lot of responsible and hoping that it has lead my to a career with the company still.

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