Our Crew

Website Development Crew

Gracey Mussina
Writing Major, Environmental Studies Minor
Email: mussinag@mail.gvsu.edu

Christina Fox
Psychology Major, French and Environmental Studies Minor
Email: foxchr@mail.gvsu.edu

Elise Riffle
Writing Major, Environmental Studies Minor
Email: riffleel@mail.gvsu.edu

Cara Maney
Geography Major, Environmental Studies Minor
Email: maneyc@mail.gvsu.edu

Energy Management

Consumers Energy
Website: Consumers Energy
Email: solargardens@cmsenergy.com
Phone: 1-800-241-3368

Terry Pahl
Energy and Engineering Supervisor
Grand Valley State University
Facilities and Planning
Email: pahlt@gvsu.edu
Phone: (616) 331-2694

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