"Our university has been a Michigan leader in supporting renewable energy and developing the next generation of students to live and work in our state. We are pleased to see Solar Gardens on our campus and the opportunity the project will give our students to learn about renewables, while making a real difference in our energy future." 

- Grand Valley's fourth president, Thomas J. Haas

1. Using renewable energy sources

Through the Solar Garden, we hope to increase the number and the use of renewable energy sources available to GVSU and the community. As of now, less than 1 percent of Michigan's energy comes from solar power. With this project, we hope to see the use of solar energy increase not only in our area, but across the state.  

2. Supporting the development of renewable energy

We seek to support the continued development of renewable energy for GVSU and the community. As the Solar Garden begins to produce energy, customers will be able to purchase a half-kilowatt solar block and can pay an estimated $1,200 in a lump sum or make payments over the next 3, 7, or 25 years. In addition to this, customers will get a credit back on their monthly bill for the solar power they consume. We hope these benefits and accessibility will help to expand and further develop solar power as a viable form of renewable energy. 

3. Educational benefits

We hope to educate both GVSU students and the community about solar energy and create unique educational opportunities for a wide variety of students. In addition to the construction of the Solar Garden, GVSU will receive $55,000 to design, procure, and construct 2 to 3 mini solar arrays for educational purposes and $20,000 each year for a period of 6 years for education curriculum development. 

Page last modified August 2, 2021