What is the Solar Garden Project?

Grand Valley and Consumers Energy are dedicated to ensuring our community has a clean and bright future. The Solar Garden at GVSU consists of approximately 11,250 solar panels and over 100 inverters which have been installed on 17 acres of land. The solar panels generate 3 megawatts of electricity, creating enough energy to power 600 typical homes. Our Solar Garden is currently the largest venture in renewable energy GVSU has ever constructed. With GVSU's subscription of 500 kilowatts, we receive a monthly credit on one of our accounts from Consumers Energy to provide us with clean, renewable energy for the next 25 years.

The Solar Garden is a large solar installation that any Consumers Energy electric customer, both residential and business, can subscribe to. If you are interested in subscribing or want more information about the Solar Garden, visit the Consumers Energy website.


Our Solar Garden is currently the largest community project in Michigan and is located on the Allendale Campus, south of Pierce Avenue near 48th Avenue.

Map of Solar Garden

The Educational Solar Module

A team of six GVSU Engineering students built a portable, trailer-based solar panel demonstration unit over the spring and summer of 2016. Look for this unit to be on display outside the Eberhard Center during ArtPrize 2016, powering an LED light show, music, and cell phone charging station. 


Page last modified August 2, 2021