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Welcome to the GVSU School of Engineering Electrical Engineering (EE) homepage. GVSU is a great place to pursue your degree in EE and begin an exciting and rewarding career. With the ever increasing application of technology in nearly all facets of everyday life, a degree in EE puts you in high demand from a wide range of employers. Industries that employ Electrical Engineers include consumer electronics, automotive, medical, avionics, defense, communications, manufacturing, energy and many others. At GVSU, you will have the opportunity to work with dedicated faculty in first-class laboratories filled with the latest tools and technology. Your classes will offer the latest theoretical knowledge along with a strong design-and-build experience, culminating in an interdisciplinary capstone project. You’ll take courses in circuit design, power systems, wireless/RF communications, EMC, embedded systems, electronic devices and other areas. Along the way, you’ll gain real-world experience as you earn credit while working for regional companies in our cooperative education program.

Electrical engineers design and develop systems and electronic devices for a wide variety of fields. Electrical engineers are the primary designers of the hardware used for these devices but they may also be involved in other aspects of development. Typical tasks for electrical engineers are electronic circuit design, printed circuit board development, solid state integrated circuit development, controls and instrumentation design and systems engineer. Applications include consumer electronics, telecommunications, power generation and distribution, computer hardware and peripherals, aerospace and avionics, automotive and medical devices. Together with other professionals, electrical engineers develop a wide range of products such as cell phones, computers, biosensors, aircraft flight systems, home automation systems, alternative energy solar panels as well as almost any product that requires electrical power in one form or another. 

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Electrical Engineering Chair

Dr. Jiao

Lihong (Heidi) Jiao

Professor, Electrical Engineering

Office Address: 355 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
Phone: (616) 331-6844
Email: [email protected]


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