Nanotechnology Outreach and Collaboration

As part of the Nanotechnology grant by NSF, multiple educational modules and activities were developed and presented in different venues. Following are some of these activities:

NanoDays took place during the end of March 2011 where middle school students visited GVSU and were given a chance to experience nanotechnology products and understand some of its basics.

Engineering Week at the Museum
Activities similar to “NanoDays” were conducted with a wider and more public audience, during the Engineering Week at the Van Andel Museum in Grand Rapids, MI. March 2011.

STEM Education
A program was developed and implemented to promote STEM education and retention with K–12 school districts in Grand Rapids, MI. The program included the delivery of modules developed by engineering faculty and team-taught with instructors in high school STEM classes. The program is rapidly expanding and more schools are becoming interested in adopting it. A major part of this program relies on nanotechnology modules.

Nanotechnology meets the World
An invited seminar at Central Michigan University was delivered for doctoral students and faculty titled: Nanotechnology meets the World, Oct. 7, 2011. The seminar discussed the challenges in building an undergraduate nanotechnology program as well as the ethical and societal impact of nanotechnology.

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