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Building the Future

February 19, 2020

Building the Future

Growing up spending a lot of time working in the garage with his dad, Johnathan Otterbein, Class of 2020, has been interested in how things work from a young age. Because of this, it only made sense that he chose to be a mechanical engineering major at Grand Valley. He appreciates many aspects of the program, such as the emphasis on hands-on learning, getting to work on exciting projects like building robots, and gaining real-world experiences through the required co-op. The engineering program also offers extracurriculars like the solar racing team, which Johnathan has been the Lead Design Officer of for two years. 

Johnathan explained that the addition of the Innovation Design Center has been a huge improvement for the solar racing team. They’re now able to have their own space in the building, whereas before they were sharing a space with Grand Valley’s formula racing team Continue Reading

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