General Questions

Yes, please go to the tour information page to find details regarding student ambassador availability, procedures, and the tour request form.

Please view the advising program plans to help you plan your schedule based on your beginning math course and program length.

This decision is up to you. All of the engineering courses are at the Kennedy Building on the Pew Campus but, depending on your schedule, you may also be taking classes in Allendale. The Rapid 50 bus route shuttles students between both campuses. The bus ride takes around 30 minutes with buses coming every 7-12 minutes depending on the time of day.

You can receive an override for the following banner errors: closed capacity, major or attribute restriction, missing prerequisite, duplicate, or if the class requires a permit. To request an override please log in to "myBanner." Select the class that you would like to take and on the bottom, right select "Registration Override Request Form" and fill out the necessary information.  From there, a professor will either approve or deny your request and you will receive an email usually within 48 hours (please note that when classes are first available permit traffic is heavy and it may take longer than usual to receive an answer).

Our computer recommendations are located here.

There are 1,065 engineering students currently (winter 2020) enrolled.

There are currently (Winter 2020) 200 engineering freshmen currently enrolled.

There are currently (winter 2020) 65 engineering graduate students.

Tour Questions

A tour typically lasts around 45-60 minutes depending on the number of questions.

Tours will meet in 136 KEN unless specified otherwise.

If you would like to speak with an advisor, please contact the PCEC Advising Office by phone ((616) 331-6025) or email ([email protected]) to schedule an appointment.

If you would like to talk with a professor, please let us know ASAP and we will try to make accommodations for you to speak with them either before or after your tour.

If your question is not here please feel free to contact us via email ([email protected]) or phone ((616) 331-6750). 

Page last modified February 24, 2017