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Grand Valley State University’s Padnos College of Engineering and Computing requires all cooperative education (co-op) students and employers to understand and agree to certain terms and conditions.

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Co-op is mandatory for all engineering students. For permission to accept a co-op offer, a student must have a GPA of 2.7 or above and no lower than a ‘C’ grade in the foundation level courses. No course may be repeated more than once (without the program’s prior permission), and the student must be on track to complete the engineering foundation coursework prior to or concurrently with his/her first co-op rotation.

If the student accepts a full-time co-op employment offer (40 hours per week or greater for the duration of the academic semester) and fails to meet the secondary admission requirements, prior to the second co-op rotation, the student must inform the employer of the academic ineligibility and inability to assume the role as a co-op employee. The student’s ability to receive academic credit for his/her co-op employment will not be granted until the student receives pending admittance into the School of Engineering’s upper-division. An engineering internship (without academic credit) may be considered as a viable employment option in the interim, until the academic requirements of the co-op program are met. Such arrangements must be discussed and approved by the co-op employer.

Both the student and employer commit to the co-op agreement for the duration of three rotations. Any change to the three-semester, alternating sequence plan that is originally outlined by the student and employer must be approved in advance by the program curriculum committee of the student’s chosen major. A formal petition must be submitted to the Program Chair 60 days prior to the start date of the student’s next co-op rotation. Late petitions will not be considered. Petitions that are granted an approval by the program curriculum committee will require the supervisor’s signature, prior to the start date of the student’s next co-op rotation.

Students must be supervised and/or mentored by a degreed engineer.

The co-op employer will provide progressively responsible engineering work within and across co-op semesters, which will culminate in a project or experience that is commensurate with industry and academic expectations of an entry-level engineer. This will vary depending upon the company and the student’s interest and ability, but the employment opportunity should allow the student to grow in a technical and professional capacity throughout the three rotations. The student is responsible to inquire about the position prior to accepting an employment offer to ensure that the co-op position provides an opportunity for growth (breadth and depth of experience) that is in alignment with his/her short- and long-term goals and overall career plan.

Co-op Plan

Please provide a co-op plan that provides a detailed description of engineering responsibilities to ensure that the student is provided progressively challenging engineering work.

During the faculty advisor’s scheduled site visit or phone conference, these responsibilities will be discussed.

Mutually Agreed Upon Plan for Mandatory, Three-Semester Co-op Experience:

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