2020 Virtual Design Conference - Dornerworks

Team: DornerWorks - Project: Asset Tracking Platform

Project Abstract

DornerWorks has sponsored a senior design to create a functional prototype for asset tracking based on existing trilateration technology created by Decawave. There are two solutions considered in this senior design project. The first situation is called the proximity solution, which involves tracking assets with respect to a specified vicinity. The second situation is called the precision solution, which involves tracking the general location of assets within a building. Using Xamarin, a mobile application was developed for both solutions. Both solutions initialize through a blue-tooth setup process. The proximity solution was created through the Decawave module to utilize ultra-wide band communication between devices for detection of field unit devices within a radius of a single base unit device. This solution was tested to accept input of field units within 3 differing radius’ of a base unit for proximity sensing. The precision solution uses ultra-wide band to track an asset within a room, but switches to Wi-Fi to communicate information over a server for tracking within a building on a single floor. The precision solution was tested to be accurate within 20 feet and a tolerance of 6 inches to actual location with a grid setup of anchors (or position sensors) in a single room.

Team Members

James Barnard

Evan Czechowicz

Kelly Myers

Nolan Rochon

Vincent Skorupski

Faculty Advisors

Prof. Scott Zuidema

Project Sponsor

“We help product makers turn ideas into reality through technology innovation”

Project Presentation

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Project Overview

A video summary DornerWorks senior design project

In-Depth Project Overview

In-depth video summary of the DornerWorks senior project

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